The Sitter & Pineapple Express: David Gordon Green

It was just the other day that I popped in ”Pineapple Express” into my player. I saw this ”stoner comedy” starring, Seth Rogen, James Franco and Danny McBride, many times before and I enjoyed it a bunch. On this recent viewing, I ended up watching the film twice in one day; a rarity for me because I have so many films I want to get through.

So why do I love this film so much? I guess the comedic chemistry between Franco, Rogen and McBride, moulds so naturally that it adds a nice flow to a script that could have been a mediocre and forgettable comedy. Most props goes to Franco, who shows what an amazing range he has as an actor.

Another note to make is the violence in this film; it’s pretty graphic and for some strange reason it works. The movie knows what it is and what it is, is a simple ”stoner comedy”, but for some reason I find it hilarious.

Now let’s move on to ”The Sitter”, another comedy from the same director, David Gordon Green.

I hated this film. I didn’t laugh once. The characters are un-likable and the comedy is bland with throw away humor that a 9 year old might snigger at. There’s a scene or two that shows a glimmer of character development with a real issue that plagues one of the kids, but it ends there. ”The Sitter” doesn’t know what it wants to be.

David Gordon Green once said “[on independent film-makers] Kevin Smith is the only one I don’t like particularly. I respect most of them. He’s the one I can’t identify with in any way. He kind of created a Special Olympics for film. They just kind of lowered the standard.”  I’m sorry, Mr. Green, but you have lowered film-making in general with ”The Sitter”. ”The Sitter” was horse vomit, it was the smell of old people combined with wet dog and it tasted like warm, bitter, milk.

I wrote this post because it just amazes me how a director can direct a flick I love and a flick I hated more than the a visit to the dentist.


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