5 things ”’The Wolverine” needs to avoid

(We’re ashamed)

”X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, was one of the worst superhero movies I’ve ever seen. The only good thing that came from it, was the movie tie-in game, which was badass. Now that ”The Wolverine” has begun shooting, here are my top 5 things this sequel should avoid.

Ruining popular characters

(We can only dream that Reynolds get’s a second chance)

Deadpool is one of my all time favorite comic book characters; watching him get butchered on screen was nauseating. The worst part about introducing, ”Deadpool”, was the fact that the casting of Ryan Reynolds was so perfect. Since ”Origins”, the Deadpool movie has been stuck in what I call, ”Ghostbusters limbo”.  This is when you hear tidbits of news once a year which leads to nowhere.

Dismissing continuity 

(I just have bad memory)

Remember that awesome scene in ”X2”, when Wolverine escapes from the Weapon X project and you see him running away, covered in blood, screaming in confusion and pain? Where was that scene in ”Origins”? That scene was re-shot, in a much tamer way, followed by a ”funny” scene with Logan, running naked, across a field. This pivotal scene was highly disappointing. The studio should of tried to top that scene from ”X2”, not make it worse.

Let’s also note that Wolverine and Sabretooth did not know each other in, ”X-Men”. We know Wolverine’s mind gets erased due to a bullet to the head(lame), but Sabretooth still has his memory…And what about Scott Summers? Did he just forget that Sabretooth hunted him down?

Casting non-actors

(No one knows how he ended up in the film)

What was the point of casting, Will.i.am? Really? Did Fox want to save some bucks or something? There’s other actors that could have filled that roll; Michael Jai White, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Morris Chesnut, Mekhi Phifer, etc.

I don’t mind singers making a transition to acting, but this odd casting choice came form nowhere. And since then, Will.i.am has not acted in any other blockbuster films, other than doing some voice work.

Leave the light tones at home

(What, do balls just drop off?)

The tone in ”Origins”, was far too light. Wolverine is kinda an asshole, an animal, a beast that is ready to slash you into pieces with his claws. The guy can go berserk if pushed around. We saw a great glimpse of this in ”X2”, during the mansion scene. I feel we’ve never seen that beastly side of Wolverine since.

I liked that scene in ”X-Men: First Class”, when Wolverine tells, Magento and Xavier to ”fuck off”. I like to see more of that side to Wolverine.

Not making sense


So how does Wolverine lose his memory in this film? He gets shot in the head with an adamantuim bullet. The only problem here is, Wolverine has 1) an adamantuim skull and 2) he can regenerate. So how does the memory loss plot work exactly?

With the success of ”X-Men: First Class”, I sense that Fox has learnt from their mistakes. Let’s hope, ”The Wolverine” will avoid the mistakes they made the first time around and we get to see the greatest representation of Wolverine on screen.


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