I just don’t care about ”Total Recall”

”Total Recall” pulled in a lousy $26mil this weekend, while, ”The Dark Rises” managed to pull in an impressive 36mil. That got me thinking; ”I really don’t care for this ”Total Recall” remake at all”

I’m not against remakes; some of the best films out there are remakes. So, why don’t I care for this version of ”Total Recall”?

Firstly, if your going to remake a film, try gather a strong team, which I think is, ”Total Recall’s” big mistake. Len Wiseman has never impressed me. ”Live Free or Die Hard” was a fun movie to watch, but if you’re a Kevin Smith fan, like myself, you know Bruce Willis was calling the shots around set, not Wiseman.

Paul Verhoeven is a much stronger director, but not without his own flaws(Showgirls), but he does deliver when the script calls for it. Movies like; ”Robocop”, ”Starship Troopers” and even ”Total Recall”, were fun and visually interesting flicks. Even Verhoeven had a good team, like, Dan O’Bannon, who worked on the screenplay for ”Total Recall”. Wiseman was left with a poor writing team and a studio who might’ve been more concerned about what names will draw the money, than how to one-up the original.

I think another major reason why I have no interest in this remake(besides the fact that the footage did not impressed me), the original film was only released twelve years ago. It’s a film that’s still fresh in our heads, we don’t need to visit ”Total Recall” so soon.



2 thoughts on “I just don’t care about ”Total Recall”

  1. The original is actually 22 years old, nonetheless I still think this film is completely unnecessary.
    BTW, is great to see this new site, I was missing film spunk xD

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