The Best 3 Trilogies

3. Star Wars

This is a franchise George Lucas has milked to the point where I don’t care about the wars in the stars anymore, but there’s no denying that the original trilogy has had huge impact on our culture. Even if you haven’t seen episodes 4-6, I bet you can still quote those movies and give some sort of description on the most popular characters in film history.

It wasn’t soon after I saw the trilogy that I got infected with the Star Wars bug. I wasn’t a fan that needed to know and have everything from the franchise, but I loved it enough to purchase some action figures, wear a t-shirt or two and play some of games. If the prequels held up like the originals, man, I would be a HUGE Star Wars right now.

I don’t know which film I love the most; each installment has something so magical. Seeing these likable characters grow throughout the trilogy is something warm to witness. It’s about family, friends, forgiveness and awesome space battles and dueling with swords of light.

One of my favorite moments is from Return of the Jedi, when Luke is battling Vader and Luke looses his shit and begins to attack his own father like crazy, furiously beating him down, until he slices off that robotic hand. It’s emotional moments like this that the prequels couldn’t conjure up.

The Blu-ray release of the original trilogy has some weak-ass moments, like including that horrendous ”Nooooooo” line from Revenge of the Sith into the final battle of Return of the Jedi. Let’s hope some day we can get the original versions released.

2. Nolan’s Batman

This was a toss up between the Back to the Future franchise and Nolan’s Batman. In the end, I wasn’t really a fan of Back to the Future III, so Batman takes this spot.

Before Nolan’s Batman came around, I didn’t feel like anyone did this character justice on screen. Adam West’s flick was fun and campy, Burton’s had some rather strange moments, especially in Batman Returns and Schumacher…Well, we don’t need to go into the mess he caused. Christopher Nolan took the character of Bruce Wayne and dissected him before our eyes. We saw the rise, the fall and rebirth of Wayne throughout this trilogy. I cared for Bruce more than the Batman. Batman was just a symbol of hope, like Bruce wanted in Batman Begins.

I loved that Nolan grounded this franchise as much as he could, because it works for Batman, a superhero with no powers. Sure some moments are ridiculous and over the top, but he made even those moments so believable.

For me, The Dark Knight still holds up as the best movie of the bunch. It was fun, the action was great and the iconic Joker became even more iconic than before. That character and the way he was portrayed by Heath Ledger will be forever remembered.

The franchise has it’s flaws, especially The Dark knight Rises, but even with those flaws, it’s still a really great film and an overall fantastic trilogy that was able to burst out of damages caused from past movie releases.

1. The Evil Dead 

The Evil Dead trilogy sparked my interest in film in a big bad way, it made me a movie addict. There’s so much I love about these Sam Raimi films because each one is totally different from each other; they deliver something new, while kinda revisiting the same story in each time.

The Evil Dead is a flat out horror, but it is kinda funny today due to how cheap it can look at times, but when Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn arrived on the scene, you could see Riami was taking it in a total different direction. This sequel/remake, jacked up on cheesy one liners and added some ridiculous moments like; Ash grafting a chainsaw to his stump and saying my favorite line in that movie ”groovy”.  Once Army of Darkness rolled out, Raimi basically turned the third film into a slapstick comedy.

Of course, how can I talk about this trilogy without mentioning the man with a chin that could kill; Bruce Campbell. Campbell helped launch The Evil Dead, not just from being in front of the camera, but behind it as well. Read If Chins Could Kill, there’s some fantastic chapters on the making of The Evil Dead, that are inspiring if you want to start in the movie making business

Many of us wanted The Evil Dead 4, but unfortunately that’s never going to happen as the franchise is being remade, with Raimi and Campbell helping out, so I’m showing optimism for it. I like to read the Army of Darkness comics to get my continuation fix.

To me, this is the perfect trilogy with no flaws. I am blind to them. Show me flaws and I shall look away!


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