Things that bug me at the cinema

I love going to the theater. Sitting down, watching a good movie with an audience while you chow down on some delicious food; what more could I want? Plenty. I have my issues with the movie theaters I go to. Each cinema has something that appeals to me, while at the same time, something is always missing. Here is a list of things that bug me while attending the movies.


Going to watch the latest flick is not a cheap expense. For a ticket and some food, the price is normally €20; sometimes a bit more. I can’t imagine being a parent and paying for the whole family. I used to work in a cinema, and just for food alone, I was bringing large amounts of money. Also, with the current lame thread of 3D movies, you’re now paying extra for a movie ticket just to put dopey glasses on your face. It always feels like prices are raising or something is being added to shake the money from our pockets just to enjoy a movie that lasts two hours or less.

 Butter option

Odeon Cinemas have taken a bold step, they brought back butter for your popcorn. I’ve lived in Ireland for 26 years, and I’ve never had hot butter freshly poured over my crunchy corn that has popped into the traditional cinema treat. The butter was mouth watery good! It’s a shame other cinemas has not brought it in, especially with the expenses we are paying for the food.


It’s great watching a brand spanking new movie on the big screen, but I think it’s a blast when there’s a movie marathon or a showing of an old flick. I saw The Room twice with a crowd and the fan interaction with the movie is a sight to behold. Back to the Future was another screening that was worth attending, even tough I have the box set on DVD. Going to the theater isn’t just about watching new releases, it’s about re-visiting and sharing the passion you have for a certain film. Cinemas need to do more exciting showings with fan interaction.

 Somewhere to chill

Have you ever went to a theater early to purchase your ticket and noticed there’s nowhere in relax until the movie starts?  There’s still places that leave you standing with nothing to pass the time. How about some arcade games? Serve coffee? Maybe access to the Internet? Make these things available to the customer, and that customer will return. This is another reason I go to the Odeon a lot; coffee area with seats and games.

 Start on time

Don’t you hate it when it’s advertises for an example; ”The Dark Knight Rises starts at 8pm”, but the movie doesn’t actually begin till about 8:25pm because the projector is delayed to start or you have to sit through a bunch of adverts? I don’t mind trailers, but ads just annoying me. Why am I paying so much money to sit through ads about illnesses, phone networks, food and drink. The time the film starts, my popcorn is gone, I’m thirsty again and I need to pee. Start whipping out the trailers and ads about ten minutes before the film starts, then at least we won’t feel bored just sitting there.


I hate nothing more than people talking during a film. It’s so ignorant and it’s something I can’t get my head around. Why pay so much money to listen to yourself talk? People whipping out their phones every few minutes bugs me as while, but not as much as yapping. You’d think teenagers would be the large offenders here, but I’ve seen more adults cause disturbances than anyone else. I always feel there’s a lack of help in tossing people out or giving warnings to offenders during a movie. If you don’t like someone talking, you can ask them to be quiet, but if that doesn’t work, you have to march all the way outside, tell someone, and the chances of that working is mostly slim. I think people should be tossed out right away, saving people from being taken out of the movie experience.


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