My favorite movie cameos

Hugh Jackman – X-Men: First Class

Once Wolverine Origins rolled around, I was pretty much sick of seeing the character getting all the spotlight. I was glad to hear that First Class would be focusing on other superheros in the Marvel universe; it was a breathe of fresh air. In saying all that, I actually thought the Wolverine cameo in First Class was hilarious, while  showing a side of the character we barely got to see throughout the X-Men films.

Robert Patrick – Waynes World

The T-1000 is a relentless, killing machine from Terminator 2: Judgement Day, that pulls over Wayne Campbell during a scene in Wayne’s World. The fact that the T-1000 is such a sinister character, it makes the scene highly hysterical. As a kid in the 90’s, I never saw a cross-over like that. I remember re-winding that scene back, replaying it over and over.

Bruce Campbell – Darkman

One of the last scenes in Darkman, involves Peyton Westlake(Liam Neelson), deciding his future. He makes it clear to his love interest that he is a monster and needs to leave. To hide from his loved one, he dawns a new face…the face of Bruce Campbell! Look at that face. Look at the tense, dramatic stare of Mr Campbell as the film wraps. Pure movie magic!

Samual L. Jackson – Iron Man

Iron Man was the first to start the countdown to The Avengers. This begins with the post-credits scene featuring Samual L. Jackson as Nick Fury, who wants to discuss the ”Avengers Initiative”  with Tony Stark. Seeing these two Mavel characters interact was a fanboys wet dream. After the film, a lot of questions were brought up as geeks across the web discussed what we were in for next.

Stan Lee – Mallrats

What would a movie that is influence by comic book culture be without Stan Lee? During a scene in Mallrats, Stan Lee makes a cameo by giving love advice to Brodie(Jason Lee). Stan is charming and brilliant, while Brodie just wants to ask about superheros and their sexual organs. At the end we find out that Stan Lee was paid off to say those things to Brodie.

Cate Blanchett – Hott Fuzz

This is a cameo I didn’t know about until recently, but how could you notice that the person behind that mask and goggles was Cate Blanchett? The fact that such a huge star is put in an unrecognizable role makes this cameo freaking genius. I’m curious to know how many people out there knew it was her first time around.

Johnny Depp – 21 Jump Street

Speaking of unrecognizable roles, Johnny Depp’s cameo in 21 Jump Street was fantastic. Depp is covered in make-up, prosthetics and a wig during a few scenes, but it’s not until the end that we see Depp without the extreme make-over. The best part of this cameo is, it ties the movie and the TV show together.

John Landis – An American Werewolf in London

Director John Landis makes a quick cameo in his own film, An American Werewolf in London, when a car hits him, sending him crashing through a window. I like seeing a director making cameos in their own movies, especially when it’s a fun or quirky.

Drew Barrymore – Scream

How do you grab an audiences attention? You cast a big named star and have them killed off in the first scene.  This is exactly what happens in Scream, when Drew Barrymore is killed off during the opening sequence. No one expected it and it instantly draws you in because you know, no character is off limits.

Bill Murray – Zombieland

When the characters in Zombieland break into Bill Murray’s mansion, the movie takes on a whole different life. You don’t feel like your watching a zombie flick, but a SNL skit of sorts. While the direction changes, it works in an odd way. We see Murray re-enacting Ghostbusters, smoking weed and dressing up as a zombie to scare Columbus, which results in Bill’s death.


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