Worst death in movie history

I love the Delorean from Back to the Future; it’s simply majestic When I finish my driving lessons and have enough cash, I want one. Now I’m not the car loving kinda guy; most of the time I can’t even name a car, but there’s something wonderful about the Deloreon. Of course you could say that the movie made it magical, but I couldn’t care less for most movie cars, like the Batmoble or the Aston Martin, but of course I wouldn’t say no to one if they were offered to me

Besides the third installment of Back to the Future being the weakest, the last few minutes of the movie commits the ultimate sin…Marty returns to his regular timeline, he slows down on some train tracks, unfortunately at the same time, a train is plowing it’s way towards Marty; he bails like a chicken and leaves the most wonderful machine to get destroyed.

To further rub trains in our face, Doc Brown and his new family arrive in a time traveling train. This scene is so bad, even the kid actor is pointing towards his balls. He knows this scene is balls and he is not afraid to make reference to it.

At the end, Doc leaves in his big, ugly train, and I don’t like it.


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