Movies I’ve seen in August 2012

Ghost World
The film was released in 2001, but has a 90’s feel to it. I liked the study of people who feel isolated in this world, while still being humorous.
MacFarlane’s comedy works better in animation, but, Ted is still a hilarious comedy with some heart warming moments.
An interesting premise in which the film takes place, but you really don’t know who to root for in Flakes.  Christopher Lloyd and Zooey Deschanel make it worth the watch.
The plot flows like Office Space, but with no memorable moments. I felt the script was underdevelopment. It’s worth the watch, even just for the Affleck and Koechner scenes.
The Extendables 
After you drool at the assemble of action stars on screen, there’s really nothing else there. Some fight scenes were nice, but it’s simply not enough. And what was up with the crappy CGI blood?
127 Hours 
Amazing direction and cinematography. Franco was perfect for this role. Truly an inspiring tale.
Young Adult 
I was looking forward to Young Adult, but it doesn’t really hit any emotional strings. For the people you feel sorry for, they still pander towards the unlikeable Mavis Gary. I will say, this is a step up from Up in the Air.
Your Highness 
Was’t as bad as I thought it would be. A few laughs here and there. I really liked that they used practical effects for most part.
Year one 
Expected much more from Harold Ramis. The script has little laughs and tires as it progresses.
Land of the Lost 
Who was this film aimed for. Kids? Adults? Who knows! McBride had some funny lines, but it ends there; the rest was rubbish.
Bad Teacher
What a miserable waste of time.
This Means War 
McG fails again!

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