Dredd review

Film: Dredd

Director: Pete Travis

Starring: Karl Urban, Lena Headey and Olivia Thirlby

Dredd stars Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, a police enforcer/judge who unleashes lethal justice in a futuristic, broken down world. Dredd must take a rookie named Anderson(Olivia Thirlby) on a mission which involves a bust on a new drug called ”Slo-Mo” that makes the user see the world moving at a fraction of a second.

I gotta say, I wasn’t looking forward to Dredd in the slightest; I thought it would be another comic book movie that would leave harsh lashings on our bodies. The trailers did nothing for me and there was absolutely no buzz or hype for this new theatrical take on the comic book. After just leaving the cinema, I will say this right off the bat; go see it! It’s violent, fun and plays like a video game.

Now when I say it’s violent, I mean it’s got some brutal kills that will make you cringe. The drug ”Slow-Mo” transforms some fight scenes into slow motion, and with the 3D added in, the gore is increased. Nothing rememberable, but  fun kills nonetheless.

If you’re a Judge Dredd fan, you’ll be happy to know that the helmet stays on for the whole movie, which is quite a risky move for Lionsgate and Karl Urban himself because A) Not many people will remember the actor in the film and B) It limits emotions that can be expressed. So props to Lionsgate and Urban for honoring the comics. Also while watching Urban’s performance, he is the guy I would love to be cast as the new Batman when the franchise is re-launched.

Thirlby, who plays the Anderson, does a nice job being the sensitive one and she is essentially our window of experiencing this scalding, plagued and shattered world. The female cast held their own, especially Lena Headey who plays a scum bag drug lord with no remorse.

Now here is the main problem with this flick; it’s a little bit like The Raid. Dredd and Anderson are stuck inside a massive apartment block, working their way up levels to the boss. Because I saw The Raid recently, the idea of a similar location grew kinda tiresome for me. But, luckily Dredd pulls out enough tricks to keep you entertained. Because the film takes place over a 24 hour period, you don’t get to flesh out these characters and it’s difficult to relate to anyone outside of Anderson. So don’t expect a character driven flick.

Like I saidDredd plays like a video game and delivers where most action movies today fail. Dredd doesn’t fail because you’ve got Anthony Dod Mantle as the cinematographer(Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours and 28 Days Later), a guy who’s worked with Danny Boyle so many times and I think that helped Pete Travis tremendously with Dredd.

Dredd is definitely worth checking out with a bunch of friends. You’ve got violence, guns and sweet one liners. What more could you ask for?



3 thoughts on “Dredd review

  1. There’s very little development Dean. The fact it takes place in a day, in mostly one location with constant action being the draw, it does hinder and take away character development. But this movie is not about revealing deep characters, it’s a violent, fun, action movie. Now I hope a sequel does get made so we can learn more about Dredd and explore his world.

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