How Batman can save the DC movieverse

Let’s be honest, the movies from DC Comics have been rather rubbish outside of Batman…Wait, Superman you say? The last good Superman flick was in the 80’s. Some of the animated movies were good, but there all direct-to-DVD. Marvel is making so much money right now, that they continue to wipe their bums with $100 bills. They’ve played a very smart game. You see, I never cared about Iron Man, Thor, Black Window or Hawkeye, and just the other day I spent 20 euro on a Hawkeye action figure. I never thought I would fork out cash for a Hawkeye figure. Well done Marvel, may my money help clean your bums. How can DC compete with this? Very easily; use Batman, their catalyst.

Now that Christopher Nolan and crew are done with their interpretation of the Batman franchise, it’s time to move on to future Batman movies. The next step with Batman will take delicate decisions because just like Nolan was being compared to Tim Burton’s Batman at first, now someone else will be compared to Nolan’s. There’s a few moves I would take with Batman that I think Warner Bros are already considering; re-introduce a new Batman in a Justice League movie. This works for many, many reasons. Batman is hot right, comic book and non-comic book fans are hungry for the character, so right off the bat(no pun intended or was it?), Justice League will get instant attention. If the new Superman movie is a hit, boom! Now you’ve got two characters people are not just interested in, but would love to see on screen together. That’s your money making tool; your formula.

The general audience would have no interest in Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and they probably have no idea who Cyborg is, as well as other League members. Green Lantern was a let down, so this is the perfect film to re-introduce him.

Marvel made separate movies, and connected them together with success, but WB need to do the opposite, they need to start with a team and then spin them off into separate movies. This will excel DC’s movieverse. Do the right thing DC/WB, make this happen or Thor will continue to laugh.


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