New Kick-Ass 2 image

I’m a massive fan of Kick-Ass. It goes down as one of my favorite superhero films. I read the graphic novel, but I thought the movie was superior in so many ways.

(yep, that’s me in my Kick-Ass outfit)

Unfortunately, I haven’t read Kick-Ass 2, yet. I plan to pick it up before the sequel hits. I don’t know much about it, and I want to keep it that way until I read the graphic novel. I do know that Red Mist is now called The Mother Fucker and he has a bodyguard named Mother Russia. Below is our first glimpse of Mother Russia on set.

(Olga Kurkulina, who is a body builder, on set in her Mother Russia outfit)

Things are sounding good for Kick-Ass 2, especially since Jim Carey has come aboard to play Colonel Stars, the leader of a group of hero called “Justice Forever”.

Comic book Movie


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