New Wreck-It Ralph poster features Sonic The Hedgehog

If you’re a gamer, then Wreck-It Ralph is a movie you must be looking forward to, as it features a bunch of popular video game characters such as Ryu, Kano, Bowser, Cammy – just to name a few. The character I’m looking forward to seeing most is Sonic. I’m a huge fan of the early games; I stopped playing after Sonic & Knuckles, but those games hold a special place in my heart as I spent sleepless nights jamming with my buddy Tails as we fucked up Dr Eggman a.k.a Dr Robotnik a.k.a I just got my ass whooped by an 8 year old Robert O’ Doherty. I haven’t heard anything great about Sonic in the past couple of years as far as games go, so seeing him on a movie poster is damn exciting…kinda wish it was fat bellied Sonic, but you can’t have everything, can you? Trailer Addict


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