Movies I’ve seen in September 2012

Schaffer, Goldberg and Rogen could have made this a much better film with more laugh out loud moments. It felt like a quick squeeze of a script. That’s not to say The Watch isn’t fun, because it is to a certain extent.

A look into lives of four people who make a living by dressing up as superheroes and walking outside the chinese theater, taking pictures with the public. This documentary peels back the superhero lifestyle of each individual and shows us who they really are.

Dredd plays like a violent video game in a broken world where justice must be handed out in a brutish fashion.  Read my full review here.

The theme of not knowing the answers in life is a good starting point to this Coen Brothers flick, but this theme is played right to the end, leaving an empty and wasted feeling.

While the visual style from the first film remains, the tone is shifted dramatically to be more kid friendly. This ruins what a great TMNT flick this could’ve been.

A phenomenal performance from Tom Hardy in every scene. Bronson really let’s Hardy run wild with his acting chops. The performance alone is worth a watch.

I’m not a fan of sport films, but Warrior blew me away with how smoothly it hits from start to finish. Hardy is easily hitting my favorite actors list right now; the guy is an acting wrecking ball.

A very different performance from Zach Galifianakis, but it’s too bad the script just plays the same repetitive beat.

Wanna be a film maker? Then I’d advice you to watch Official Rejection. You’ll be stunned by how the film festival scene works in this blunt and honest documentary.

Redbelt has so much going on a once, it can’t focus on anything long enough to keep you invested.

First half is a smart joy ride, while the second half slows down, but, Looper is still a very interesting film that’s not your average ”blockbuster”. Listen to the podcast on Looper here.


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