Horrorthon Day 2: Carrie

-Written by Robert O’ Doherty

Note: *Every horror I’m about to watch, I’ve never seen before*

Carrie is about a timid, shy girl who lives a pretty miserable life at home with her mother, who is a crazed religious nazi. When not facing her ordeals with her only parent, she is tormented by her fellow students at school. All these people who are causing Carrie such pain are in for a rude awakening, as the quiet teen has telekinetic powers. You can almost hear Charlie Xaiver knocking at her door.

I really didn’t get why Carrie was bullied, I mean, look at this chick.

Also, the only real act of bullying we see, are bunch of teenagers throwing tampons at Carrie in the dressing rooms when she gets her first period in front of everyone. That’s kinda a nice gesture; free tampons, no first awkward trip to the store.

The best part of Carrie, was seeing how many times Nancy Allen(Robocop) got slapped. Not only does her boyfriend(John Travolta) and teacher(Betty Buckly) smack her across the face, but what’s funnier is that director Brian De Palma got Buckley to slap Allen over thirty times because he couldn’t get the reaction he wanted.

The most popular scene from the movie is when Carrie rages out after a nasty prank is played on her. The revenge is beautiful; at some point we wish we could dish out that kind of punishment on people who put us down throughout our lives.

Carrie holds up well for most part, but some things could’ve been fleshed out a bit more. The remake is on the way and I’m looking forward to seeing what that brings.


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