First look at ZOD…in toy form!

-Written by Robert O’ Doherty

While we didn’t get much from the Man of Steel teaser, the toy commercials are rearing to reveal to us more than we should properly know, from plot points to even revealing General Zod’s appearance.

These new figures are for those adventurous kids who want to fuck shit up. Basically you step up Zod and his robotic army and then you grab your Superman figure that features stretching arm action – you stretch that guy up and let him soar across your room, destroying Zod or other paraphernalia hanging around the place. I like that Zod brings an army of robots with him as it let’s Superman do some heroic damage, while showing off those popular powers of his.

The toy is whacky looking, but I do like the design, even if it does resemble Lex Luthor in armor.

Another piece of plot the commercial gives away is the ship that Zod arrives in, Black Zero. This ship seems to play a key role in the flick when it comes to action sequences. My excitement for seeing a new trailer grows. Come’on Warner Bros, let us marvel at the eye candy!

Check out the toy commercial at Screen Rant


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