Evil Dead remake trailer with screengrabs

The Evil Dead goes down as one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s a movie that inspired me to pursue a career in directing. When a film hits you with that kind of impact, it comes apart of you. With remakes flying at us with no second thought, I knew it would only be a matter of time before The Evil Dead was remade, but fans of Raimi’s trilogy, like myself, hoped that an Evil Dead 4 would be produced before the dreaded ”R” word would come spinning out of Hollywood…our dreams were shattered, a remake was announced. No more would we see Ash wielding his chainsaw on screen while delivering cheesy lines that we all love to hear.

But, a glimmer of hope would shine as Sam Raimi would be involved in writing the screenplay while Bruce Campbell produced. A few days ago a bootleg trailer showed up online, but I couldn’t see shit.

Finally, the full length red band trailer has appeared online.

I gotta say, the trailer has got me aroused…wait, no, I mean excited! There’s a nice blend of the classic in there as Evil Dead returns to it’s horrific roots. The horror looks ramped up and I like the shots of the deadites mutilating their human hosts. The footage has defiantly given me optimistim for the final product.


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