Horrorthon Day 27 – Manborg

*Sorry for delayed review, but the situation will be explained below*

-Written by Robert O’ Doherty

Have you ever watched a movie that leaves such impression on you, that you just can’t describe the experience? Well that’s how I felt after seeing Manborg. This low-budget one hour Canadian film will appeal to fans of badly dubbed Kung Fu movies, Nazis, video games, demons, cyborgs, rubber masks and trashy action movies from the 80’s…it even has love. Manborg is intentionally bad, and while that could have backfired on director Steven Kostanski, it succeeds on what it sets out to do – It’s lovable trashy fun.

(You don’t fuck with Manborg, son!)

Manborg begins with an intense battle between mankind and Nazi demons from hell. When a solider (Matthew Kennedy) is killed in battle by the head of the army, Draculon, he returns from deaths door as Manborg! At first the newly reformatted solider can’t control his cybernetic body, but with the help of his band of buddies (Mina, Justice and #1 Man), he must learn to grow as a hero and stop Draculon and the demon army. At first I wasn’t quite sure how to react to the footage that looked like a wacky YouTube video I would normally try to avoid, but within minutes, I got what this film was all about and with such a rowdy and enthusiastic crowd surrounding me, I was sucked right into cheesy fun.

(Round 1: FIGHT!)

I saw Manborg at the yearly horrorthon held by IFI (Irish Film Institute) in Dublin. I’ll watching so many movies within the next few days so I’ll keep review short and sweet, which is perfect because you really can’t sum this movie up in a lengthy review. It’s best that you just watch it.

I insist on watching this flick with the right crowd or group of friends. I’ll be uploading a podcast during the week fellow podcaster/writer Greg B and new member to the MADG family, Kev Hayes, discussing our experience at the IFI horrorthon.


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