Changes to the site – Oh My!

Written by Robert O Doherty

Today I met a blue bird that spoke to me. It informed me to join something called ‘Twitter’. I wasn’t going to argue with this mystical bird as I didn’t want my eyes to be pecked out.

You can now follow us @moviesRdamgood – I’d like to thank Jennifer Blanc-Biehn for being our very first follower! @jenniferblancb 

You’ll also notice a few new changes on the site like the addition of new menus.

Trailers – Don’t need to explain that menu

Special – This is where special content will be featured like the horrorthon 2012.

Pics – Check out some pictures from the world of Moves Are Damn Good

Bios – You wanna know who does what around here? Just click on bios. You’ll get to see our handsome mugs with some enticing information.

This is just the start of new things to come.


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