Movies I’ve seen – December 2012


A film I found not so magical, especially Kevin Nash’s dancing.


The ending was a let down, but I laughed quite a bit while being impressed by Allen’s homage to German Expressionism. Overall, an underrated Allen flick in my opinion.


A dark comedy played with a straight face that takes you down an unpredictable path. Some scenes lagged, but it doesn’t subtract from the overall experience this flick has to offer.


Bug has great tension, atmosphere and suspense. Of course Shannon’s acting is suburb as he plays the off-the-wall Peter Evans. The film may leave you puzzled, but interrupting Bug is not done to annoy or fustrate the viewer – it’s done to spark conversation and question what the truth really is.


I didn’t find the subjects who were being recorded as fascinating as the people who were obsessed with these them. Morals really come into play, and that’s kinda the real focus of Shut Up Little Man.


Kinda bothersome watching this flick without the 3D experience. 3D becomes a gag within itself – I felt like a guy trying to eavesdrop on a joke. This series still holds up, but Harold & Kumar Christmas is the weaker of the three.


I found myself falling in love with this film right away as Allen makes you want to get on the first flight to Paris immediately!


Obvious shades of The Avengers – even the bad guy is Lokish. I found some of the characters to be unpleasant such as the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. I know what Dreamworks were attempting to do, but for me, it didn’t work.



I loved goofy Affleck, even with the dopey plot.


A hilarious futuristic slap-stick comedy. The end dimmers, but the jokes, props and gags will leave you fulfilled.


Peter Jackson attacks another book from J. R. R Tolkien’s franchise with massive amounts of enthusiasm. This is a fantastic adventure film from start to finish. Jackson paces the time nicely between action and character development. The Hobbit is too long, maybe 20-25 minutes shaved off would have worked better in it’s favor.


My first time seeing It’s a Wonderful Life, and I can see myself watching this every Christmas from now on. Gotta love James Stewart!


Aubrey Plaza is not the strongest lead. I feel she was type casted once again, playing the cynical hipster. We do see depth in her acting, but not enough to win me over. It’s Jake M. Johnson that carries most of the comedic moments along with Mark Duplass.


It’s always great to see Woody Allen and Diane Keaton on screen together. Their chemistry is always top-notch and constantly fresh. The murder mystery is suspenseful and cute, even when it turns serious.






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