Psycho: A retrospective


Written by Robert O’ Doherty

With less than a month to go until Hitchcock’s release in Europe, it only made sense for me to watch Psycho…for the first time…I know what your all thinking ”You only watched this classic NOW?”. While I’ll take my lashings like a man, I do have a critical reason for avoiding this landmark masterpiece. It goes like this, have you ever watched a movie without actually seeing it? What I mean is, Psycho is so well known, that the various forms of media and common film chatter have made so many references to the film, you basically know all the twist and turns.

Simpsons Psycho (7F09 Rasca Pica y Marge)(Example – The Simpsons: Itchy & Scratchy & Marge)

From this day onwards, I will never avoid a film just because I know how it plays out. Psycho was a treat worth watching again and again. I wish I was alive when this was released – I would’ve been at the edge of my seat reveling in the shocking drama that leads you down an unpredictable road.

Antony Perkins really made the flick for me; he is the best thing about Psycho. He’s performance alone is a major reason to watch this film. I also couldn’t get idea of Andrew Garfield out of my head, especially during the supper scene. I did some  googling afterwards.

tumblr_m2r1mhPcCV1qbmimco1_1280(If we get another remake, that’s all I’m saying)

While listening to Psycho’s score, I heard so much familiarity in it….Ah-ha, Re-Animator.

All this has got me pumped for Hitchcock. Also it’s Hitchcock season in the IFI in Dublin, so I think I’ll be catching Psycho again – this time on the big screen!


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