Movies I’ve seen – January 2013

Hello good people! Sorry for the lack of activity on my blog site, but I recently moved and it’s taking a little time to settle my keister into my new abode (Just got the Internet connected today). On top of that, I’m currently working on my portfolio so I can get accepted to a college course I’ve applied for. So for couple of weeks, the posts will be unbalanced.

While I have some free time, let me share the movies I watched over the month of January.


Whatever Works didn’t feel like a Woody Allen film to me, mainly due to the lack of character from the location that Allen would normally incroperate. Still, Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood share a sweet chemistry on screen, even when the film glides off the track from time to time.


Anthony Perkins delivers one of the best performances on screen as Norman Bates. I’m looking forward to watching Psycho on the big screen at the IFI for The Genius of Hitchcock: Part Four. Also, have a read of my retrospective on Psycho.


I’m not a musical fan, but for a 1939, The Wizard of Oz was clearly ahead of it’s time. Even today, it still holds up wonderfully. I should also note that Mattel are releasing figures from the movie, focusing on the females only – sorry Tin Man fans!


Martin McDonagh hits it out of the park again. Seven Psychopaths is clever, funny and it’s always one step ahead.


What starts off as a thought-provoking film, turns into a droll episode of CSI. Zero Dark Thirty getting nominated for best picture is a sick, sick joke.


Gangster Squad is the equivalent of how a teenager perceives 1950’s; an over-the-stop fantasy with one dimensional characters. I will say Gangster Squad does have some fun moments here and there. It’s worth the rental I say!


Jack Black shows off some real acting chops playing Bernie Tiede; a real-life convicted murderer. I felt like Linklater was trying to show Bernie as the victim, but sorry, murder is murder.


Properly the weakest Woody Allen movie I’ve seen. The problem falls on Allen casting himself in the main role, it just doesn’t work.


Let Me In is one of those rare films that shows you how shitty life can be for a child in a real uncomfortable way. Fear the bullies, not the vampire!


Django Unchained is cool, bloody and quite humorous at times. I expected Foxx and Waltz to lead the show, but honestly, DiCarprio undoubtedly delivers the best performance, which is surprising because most of DiCarprio’s performances wash over me, but I couldn’t get enough of him as the eccentric Calvin Candie.


Harvey is charming and fun flick. James Stewart’s performance is delightful as he’ll have you believe a 6’3 invisible bunny rabbit is on screen.


If you enjoy the show, you’ll enjoy the feature to a certain degree.



One thought on “Movies I’ve seen – January 2013

  1. Bernie really surprised me especially Jack Blacks singing and dancing what a cool performance. Django was awesome! Agree about Zero Dark 30 zzzzzzz

    I watched Let the Right One in awhile ago and have been meaning to check out Let Me In ever since.

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