Movies I’ve seen – February 2013

Hello once again good people. I’m still really busy with my portfolio, but it will be completed and sent off before the end of this month. Once everything is done, then I can get back to writing on this site. I want to make it bigger and better, and I’ve got some ideas in the pipeline; so stay tuned!


A great insight to how new technology is effecting and changing the film industry and the people working within it, from Christopher Nolan to Johnny from next door, who just bought his first camera.


John Dies At The End is a fun flick with some neat concepts, but it does drag here and there. Paul Giamatti brings a nice flavor, where the rest of the cast are kinda forgettable.


The opening scene sets this movie up quite nicely. Jason Segel is endearing and makes the off-beat comedy work.


Anderon’s debut flick is strong, as tension is wonderfully crafted. Characters play off each-other extremely well as they’re all stuck in a counterfeit lifestyle.


We all perceive life differently, and Melinda and Melinda showcases that in a simple but effective way.


Once the nostalgia gimmick wears off, you’re left with a sweet and simple kids movie with no real laugh out loud moments.


A little too goofy with some downright bizarre moments. You really have to take Hitchcock with a grain of salt.


While the overall narrative is a far too familiar one, The Help does manage to entertain as Emma Stone brings her likable and funny charm. Also this film features two Gwen Stacy’s! Who will win? Watch and find out!


Match Point feels like your run of the mill Woody commentary on relationships, but Allen lays much darker seeds this time around.


This is the weakest in the Monty Python series for me. Too loud, with jokes that feel stale.


A little on the nose at times, but Jacob’s Ladder delivers moments that feel genuinely unsettling. When you think you’ve got it all figured out, something knocks you off track.


The American version can be visually distracting as Raymond Burr is popped into shots and explains everything that’s going on like the audience are too stupid to follow the action. When Godzilla shows up, shit goes down and you forget that Burr is floating around.


Repeated and predicable jokes that ooze from unlikeable characters.


At first you don’t know where the story is heading, but slowly The Killing comes together quite nicely with enough humor and suspense to bring you to a satisfying finish.


I don’t think I’ve seen such a suspenseful film as “Ar, go fuck yourself” in a long time. Where’s Daredevil’s Oscar for best director? Fucking Oscars!


Best arm wrestling movie I’ve ever seen!


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