Movies I’ve seen – March 2013


Sorry Samurai Cop, your shit stinks!!!


Like a lot  of Allen movies, To Rome With Love takes a look at the awkward challenges relationships can hurl at you, but this time in Rome, baby! Woody returns to the screen, and I gotta say, the dude still makes me laugh.


Crimes and Misdemeanors serves two stories that makes us question morality. Thought-provoking, funny and dark.


A solid story with a few laughs, but I’m sick of animations relaying on the same gags over and over…at least Brave didn’t have a slow motion shot of a character screaming…really getting sick of that one!


Touching the Void is a tedious adventure. Just as you get immersed in the tale, it ends abruptly.


Read my review here.


An interesting concept with a bland after taste. Big Business gets it’s gears moving towards the end, which is unfortunately rushed. Also, I’ve got a new drinking game for this film. Every time Bette Midler widens her eyes like a dopey cartoon character, you drink absinthe – good luck!


The film begins with Bart Layton focusing on the gripping subject, but eventually this documentary deflates when we’re guided away from truth that needed more exploration, to an accusation the leads to nowhere.


Sinister introduces some neat elements – if stretched, the end result could have been a breath of fresh air to the horror genre. Instead, Sinister leads us down a the same silly road, where the murderer is an uninspired character that made me laugh harder than Freddy Kruger playing with the Power Glove!


An interesting look into human behavior, and how we instantly follow orders from authority figures. My only beef (get it?) is with the Dreama Walker, who gave an unbalanced performance.


Clive Barker is undeniably the master of creating monsters in this visually enticing flick. Beyond this attraction, nothing else carries any weight whatsoever. Did I care about any of these characters? No. Was the plot a tad interesting? No. Would I prefer to watch The Room? HELL YES!



I thought somebody smeared feces across the screen, until I realized G.I. Joe: Retaliation begun 40 minutes ago.


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