Movies I’ve Seen – April 2013


A mixed bag. Some shorts are very well executed, while others are a little self-indulgent.


The editing style made Spring Breakers feel repetitious, but I found the film offered enough entertainment to keep my attention if you know what I mean…I’m talking about James Franco of course!


For a two hour movie, you’d expect the suspense to be spread like butter across toast – trying to reach each corner. Instead, what you get here is a tad bit of butter plopped in the middle. 


Miami Connection taught me the meaning of friendship!


Cyborg 009 has a rich history; beginning in 1968 as a Manga. The 2012 animation fails to provide any backstory for newcomers, like myself. I felt confused and highly uncomfortable – just like my school days.


Ace Attorney is simply too long; 2hr and 15 min? So much could’ve been cut from this unbalanced comedy…or was it a drama? I guess this over the top adaptation tried to be everything.


The comedy went right over my head with this one – maybe I’m a couple of years too late to the game – with exception of the great Peter Sellers and George C. Scott, who got laughs out of me. Gilbert Taylor’s cinematography is beautiful – definitely the main attraction for me.


First half an hour is over the top fun. Somewhere after that, things come to a halt and become dull. I grew up with this flick, and I love King, so this holds a special little place in my heart. And oh boy – that Green Goblin truck!


The Evil Dead is one of my favorite films of all time. Hell, it inspired to chase my dream of wanting to be a film maker. So, this is hard for me to say, but…the remake introduces a superior plot – I actually cared for the characters. You can hold Evil Dead up as a successful remake, which is not an easy task. But, at the end of the day, what I really crave, is a sequel to Army Of Darkness


A fantastic character study of Daniel Lutz, who tells his side of the story of the Amityville haunting. What unfolds isn’t just tales of the paranormal, but a youth who watched his family fall apart – that’s the true horror.


A good addition to the Men in Black franchise, but still misses the charm and excitement of the original.


An article I wrote about these adaptations. The Time Machine 1960 & 2002


My review


Production design and cinematography are jaw-dropping, but after an hour I grew tired of the flaunting – I wanted drama, and I only got fed small spoons of it.


A hard-hitting documentary about four deaf men who were molested by the same priest as children. The silenced demanded to be heard, so be ready, because their for voices are loud and powerful!


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