Movies I’ve Seen – May 2013

There’s been a lack of activity on this site of late, and I do apologize. I’ve been busy co-directing a short film called ‘Shroud’ with fellow podcaster, Gregory. We’re currently in pre-production and we have a lot work ahead of us (we plan to shoot near the end of this month, but in the world of low-budget filmmaking, anything can happen).

I have plenty of articles lined up, and podcasts to record. So, for now I’ll continue with ”Movies I’ve Seen”.


Tetsuo is a little over an hour, but it feels much longer – I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Ironman left me feeling like I just came out of a scrap yard tornado.


Cars 2 offended me! McQueen enters the World Grand Prix, meaning most of the ”comedy” comes from glorifying country stereotypes. I’m glad they didn’t visit Ireland. ”Oh! It looks like that car drank too much fuel!”


The Bucket List is fun once you accept that Freeman and Nicholson are playing themselves, while doing ridiculous shit, like jumping out of a plane, or chilling on a pyramid.


While I disliked the rehashing elements from Wrath of Khan, Into Darkness is a fun popcorn flick filled with bright characters, jaw-dropping sound and visual effects with justifiable action. I hope for the third installment J.J. Abrams warp speeds into new and unfamiliar territory.


I still think this is one of Jim Carrey’s best performances today. I always get misty-eyed by the time the credits roll.


There’s a lot wrong with this movie on a technical level, but it does manage hold some entertainment value.


Kubrick presents a ”forbidden fruit” and plays around with it in a dark, but comedic tone. Also, once again, I never noticed Peter Sellers on screen. Guess he is really the man of a thousand faces. “Lolita Ya Ya”


Simon Killer is an interesting character study of a male who travels to Paris after a bad break-up. The cinematography brings a sense curiosity to Simons surroundings; you never feel you can trust the area you’re in – kind of like the character!


An odd film. At it’s core, this is a harmless and sometimes a goofy picture. But, somehow, Crowe managed to tug at my heartstrings at the right beats.


Part III links all three films up nicely, but this installment gets to a certain point where simplicity is tossed out the window for complex stunts that removes any element of danger. Zach Galifianakis is the only real saving grace. Alan is still a solid character that’s wonderfully executed, but I felt Cooper and Helms were an afterthought.


Allen’s directing debut is a bright start to a wonderful career that continues today. Take the Money and Run is an 85mim joke-feast through a mockumentary.


ParaNorman is funny, smart and looks tremendous. This is a film that deserves more attention – especially for teenagers at the Halloween season.


At first I laughed at the dark humor (pointed towards Leonard), and the dialogue spouted from Hartman. But that smile disappeared once the pillow scene began. Full Metal Jacket hits hard as it exposes the effects of war on the mind. The cinematography is near-perfect. The camera is locked off in stunning, but simple compositions, and moves only when it makes sense to do so.


Men in Black still holds up very nicely, except for Linda Fiorentino’s acting.


2 thoughts on “Movies I’ve Seen – May 2013

  1. Tetsuo is a film I intend to watch. Is it as bizarre as I have heard it being? I read a book about South East Asian horror movies, and this one stood out as one of the more compelling…if that’s possible…

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