Top 5 movies from January – July 2013

Six months of movies and I’ve seen many peculiar things on screen, from giant robots fighting ugly sea monsters to a giraffe being decapitated; and there’s still six months to go. Right now I’m going to take this time to reflect on five movies that I enjoyed thus far.

5. This is the End


I went into This is the End to be entertained by crude humor, bromance and self-deprecation, and that’s exactly what I got to a degree. Did I expect more from this? Yes. I found the myself craving more laughs, but maybe with age I’m becoming more cynical. 

4. The Wolverine


Wow! I never expected The Wolverine to make it to my top 5 list, let alone my top 20, but shock-horror, it did. This is Hugh Jackman’s best preformance as Wolverine to date. The beast was finally unleashed. I got to see the Wolverine I craved for since X-Men 2. If you hated Origins, you’ll dig The Wolverine.

3. Man of Steel


I‘m a huge Superman fan, hell, I even watched Smallville, but as far as the movies are concerned, they never did anything for me. Christopher Reeves portrayal as the man of steel will always be iconic and hold a special place in cinema, but the movies are outdated. Superman Returns is almost unwatchable. That’s why I hold Man of Steel up as the best Superman movie to date. I’ve heard people complain about the lengthy fights. My response is, really? Returns had no action, just Kal-El lifting shit, and the Donner flicks – like I said – are outdated. Audiences were also upset by the causalities. Remember, this was Clark’s first time as Superman, and not only that, he has to fight Zod of all aliens. How could the man of steel contain or control a fight like that? Zod is a born solider. Folks also didn’t like that Superman killed Zod, but let’s not forget that in Superman II, Kal killed Zod, and has killed enemies in the comic books.

OK, rant over.

2. Iron Man 3


Marvel hiring Shane Black as the new director for the third Iron Man flick was a smart move, especially the parts where Stark teamed with Rhodes. Black’s buddy-cop style was effective and humorous. Having a sub-plot with Tony dealing with the aftermath of The Avengers added a nice weight to the character and overall story. Many people disliked Trevor being the Mandarin, but I found the twist to be cheeky and hilarious. 

1. Oz The Great and The Powerful


I didn’t have much faith in Oz the Great and the Powerful because I got an Alice in Wonderland/Tim Burton vibe from it; this was due to horrendous marketing. Firstly I have to applaud title sequence. 

Secondly, I loved that Peter Deming and Sam Raimi teamed up once again.

Opening in black & white with a 4:3 aspect ratio at a carnival pretty much shot me into another world instantly. I loved that Raimi used practical sets during the film; I felt I was teleported back to Oz. I enjoyed everyone’s performance, although, Rachel Weisz was alright. 

The theme of illusion was wonderfully played throughout the film. Something about illusions has always fascinated me.

So there you go, my top 5 favorite movies thus far. What’s your top 5? Do you agree with my list and what I wrote? Or do you disagree with my opinions? Leave a comment below.


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