Movies I’ve Seen – July 2013


After Hours is oddly funny, but there’s always a sense something awful lurking in the shadows as Martin Scorsese makes Manhattan feel confined and unusual – like a bad dream!


I had a blast watching This is the End. The pacing got a little jaded, but the dynamic between the characters was outrageous. It was also nice to see Jay Baruchel being pushed as the lead.


What’s wrong with the world? And how do we fix it? An interesting subject for a doc that fails to make an impact. Sure there’s some interesting information, but that’s all Shadyac has to really offer.


The trailers did not excite me, and while I sat in my seat waiting for robots to clash with monsters, I really didn’t want to be be there. To my surprise, I actually found Pacific Rim to be very fun. It’s little too long, and some of the characters are dull (except for Charlie Day who pumps energy into every scene), but overall I left satisfied.


Like all of Wright’s films, The World’s End provided funny and witty dialogue that’s told through its fast-paced editing style. For me, this was the weakest film written by Pegg and Wright. The first half flows naturally, but grows tiresome after some repetition.


The film drew me in once the hunt for Colonel Kurtz began; that was the main hook. I didn’t get a sense of horror, but a sense that war causes OTT whacky characters. I found myself chuckling too much. The Playboy Playmates scene was too funny.


After the abomination that was Wolverine: Origins, I was skeptical about The Wolverine, but to my astonishment, I really enjoyed the heck out of The Wolverine. This was without a doubt, the best performance from Hugh Jackman as Logan.


A must see documentary for all filmmakers!


After 13 years, Road Trip still manages to be an enjoyable comedy.


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