This deleted Avengers scene should of been kept in the movie

UPDATE: The scene is being taken down, but I’m sure there are ways to find it online!

Avengers was one hell of an entertaining movie, but like every movie, it had it’s flaws. One thing I wanted to see was, Steve Rogers walking around, discovering this new world in front of him. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much of a glimpse of Rogers dealing with his new surroundings. Captain America’s arc kinda deflates from First Avenger to The Avengers, and being team leader, I felt the movie needed to show Cap’s struggle with being ”the man out of time”.

Some content from The Avengers DVD/Blu-ray are starting to pop up online and today, I came across this little scene:

The clip isn’t anything important, just that Peggy is alive, everyone else is dead, Stan Lee makes a cameo somewhere, while Steve is finding it difficult to adapt to the current world….Wait, what? Peggy is alive? Wow, that’s a pretty big thing to leave out. Also, just seeing Rogers walking around New York is a damn interesting scene. This should’ve been kept in. Oh well, hopefully this will be added into Captain America 2: The Winter Solider.


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